Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun New Find

Since having Kensington, my craft time has been pretty limited. Trying to get the hang of two kids was pretty rough at first but I think it's becoming second nature now! My oldest, Kaydence, loves to craft with me so that makes it fun!! Seriously, I have no idea how you mom's of two plus do it!

So I have a couple etsy orders that need to be filled and went to my local fabric store yesterday. I had a few extra minutes to look and found a fabric I've been looking for for what feels like forever! It looks very farmhouse...my favorite! I simply hemmed the edges together and made myself a fun new table runner! 

I know it's not an actual vintage one, but man I love it!  I went ahead and added it to my shop but if you find the fabric, it's a super easy and quick little project!  Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!

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