Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guest Post by Stephanie at Spray Paint and Spit Up

I am so so so excited to have one of my great friends Stephanie guest post today! I know you all will LOVE her just like i do! Enjoy!!

Hi everyone!!  My name is Stephanie I have a little budding blog over at Spray Paint & Spit Up.  I like to describe myself as a new mommy & old wife with a mean creative streak.  I do all sorts of things, but my main loves are photography, baking, and design.  So how exciting is this?!  I get to guest blog on Kristina's lovely blog!  I can assure you I am probably way more excited than you!  But have no fear, soon you will get so see more of Kristina's lovely projects, but today, we are talkin' cupcakes, so let's dive on in!!

A good friend of mine is currently pregnant with her second child {you can see her impromptu family photo shoot here} and wanted to reveal the gender of her bun in the oven in a fun way to her parents.  So she settled on cupcakes that had *spoiler alert* pink in the middle and, knowing my love for baking, she asked me to help her.  

So after a "test batch" {or two - yumm!} we got the technique just right.  So if you've ever wanted to do a gender revealing cupcake, look no further than this tutorial!!

To start you'll need two of your favorite cupcake recipes.  For the main body of the cupcake, it'd be a good idea to use either a yellow or white cupcake {we used french vanilla}.  Then for the center of the cupcake, we used a strawberry cake mix - yes, you read that right...these are not from scratch, but hey, I've got a 3 month old and she has a 15 month old PLUS one on they way...we were okay with a box! But I will say in my defense, boxes rarely, if ever, enter my house...anywhoooo....

Mix up the yellow batter and your colored batter separately.  You'll line your cupcake pan with paper liners, then scoop a small amount of the yellow mix into the bottom of each cup.  Then, take a small spoon {I actually used a baby spoon} and put a dollop of your colored batter in the center of the cup.  It will look something like this: 

Be careful to only get the colored batter in the center or else the color will show through on the sides of the cupcake and that would kind of ruin the point, yes?  So, once that's done go back to your yellow batter and fill the rest of the cup with it, so that it completely covers the colored batter {like so}:

Pop those babies in the oven and when they come out, they should look a little something like this: 

Now, if you don't use enough batter on top some of the color will show through {like they did on some of mine} so just take care to cover them well, without over-filling the cups, or else you'll get flat cupcakes instead of happy round topped ones!

Okay, on to the fun part!!  We used just a basic cream cheese frosting dyed in pink and blue to ice our cupcakes.  I *LOVE* frosting...I say the more the better!  So I generously frosted the cakes and added pink sprinkles on the blue and blue sprinkles on the pink.  They came out pretty darn cute if you ask me!!! 

Next, I worked on packaging.  She was sending four each to her parents and her husband's parents, so I stopped by Michael's and picked up cupcake boxes from Wilton.  They worked out really well to keep our cute little cupcakes safe from jostling...don't ask me how they will stay in place if the post office decides to turn the box upside-down, but I don't want to think about that. 

We made cute little distressed tags that say "Eat Me" and I wrapped the boxes in cheesecloth.  I think they turned out so great!

What's that you say??  You want to see the inside of the cake??  Okay, well, I suppose I could take one for the team and take a bite so you can see the inside.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!  
Maybe one more bite for a little better view...

Ummm...I seem to have misplaced the cupcake...

So that's my version of the "What's It Gunna Be??" Cupcake!  I hope you've enjoyed my little guest spot and maybe one day you'll find yourself over at Spray Paint & Spit Up! Thanks for reading and happy baking!!

PS - For any of those concerned about my missing cupcake, I later found it on my hips, thighs, and butt...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The New Martha Stewart Paint Line

I'm sure you've all heard about the AMAZING new products that have come out for Martha Stewart Crafts. Miss Martha has outdone herself again! She is my hero! You can see all of the new products here.  It is all pretty amazing!  The tool that I cannot wait o get my hands on is the spray paint converter!  It lets you turn any of her paints into spray paint!  Anyway, I was so excited to be able to get one of the stencils, paint and foam roller to update a project that I did earlier.  

I finally feel like this project is finished.  It always seemed like it needed something else.  The color that I used for the stencil is Lake Fog and the stencil set is called Arabesque.  All available at Michaels.   Have you used this new line at all?  What have you done? I would love to see it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy for Chevron

Ok, ok, I know this may be a little redundant, but i love Pinterest!  The ideas and inspiration on there are just amazing!  I have been loving chevron print items for quite some time now, but the things that I have seen on there lately have thrown me into a whole new crazy! 
 this nursery is just to die for! the bedding is so original!

 I don't think I ever would have thought of using a chevron print on furniture, but this is amazing!

 I know we've all seen this a million times, but I am in love with it!

And this goodness cuteness! 

And by the way...if you haven't had enough chevron...Target comes out with a new line on September 13th!

And there is oh so much more than this!!! Until next time...i'll be drooling over this stuff!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

I love wreaths! I love how they can make a home feel so cozy and comfortable.  I decided to make a small wreath with some supplies that I had on hand.  I love the way it turned out. 

Here is what you need:
foam wreath any size (mine was 9" bought at the dollar store)
brown coffee filters (you can find them at the 99 cent store)
straight pins
Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut Stain
scrap piece of muslin for the bow

This project is really so simple, I feel silly doing a DIY for it, but here it goes...
Start with one coffee filter and pinch the bottom middle to make a flower like shape. Start on the inside of the wreath and pin the coffee filter to the wreath.  Make your way around the inside of the wreath then start a new row on top of that row.  I hope that makes sense.
As you complete each row, you start a new one until it is nice and full.  Once you are finished pinning the coffee filters, take your distress ink and dab it along the tips of the coffee filters for a vintage look.  You can then tie your muslin scrap or ribbon on the bottom and hang that beauty! I can't wait to change the ribbon on the bottom for the holidays!

Cost breakdown:
foam wreath: $1
coffee filters: .99
straight pins: on hand
muslin scrap: on hand
distress ink: on hand 
Total cost: $1.99

Can't beat that!  Do you have any great wreath tutorials? I would love to try them!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Home...Again.

Oh my goodness, it has been a week. In my earlier post, I said that I was in Vegas for a tax conference and came home on Thursday evening. That night we got a call that my husbands grandmother had some complications from a blood clot and was in the hospital, not doing well. Later that evening, we received the news that she had passed away. Friday morning we then took off to Northern California to be with some of his family. We made it home Monday night and I had every intention of starting some new blog worthy projects, but have A LOT of sewing to get done. I really really promise I will get some blogging done here soon! Thank you all again for being such devoted readers! I love you all!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Home

I have to apologize to all of my lovely readers!  I have been such a bad blogger and I am sorry! I left on Monday for a tax conference in Las Vegas and have neglected my blog.  Yes, you read that right, a tax conference.  Some of you may not know, but I am a part-time tax preparer and bookkeeper along with being an avid D.I.Y-er :)  Just so you can feel like you were there with me, here's where I was...
Now doesn't that look like fun!! Speaking of fun, we did have some of that along the way!
So, I promise I will get working on something soon once I settle back in.  What were you all up to this week? I'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mirror Obsession

I have a love for big, oversized, ornate mirrors.  I really don't think that you could have enough of them in your home.  I love how you can cluster them together to make a statement on a large wall, or just hang one by itself to stand it's ground.  While perusing Pinterest, I realize that I see A LOT of amazing mirror pins that I thought I would share. 

This mirror here is amazing and I promise if I ever find one just like it, I will own it...just sayin'!

The clustering of these is perfect! I love the different sizes and shapes.

 These are adorable! I love the frameless look as well!

I really would love this one for Kaydence's room.  So cheery and bright. Amazing detailing too!

So, how many mirrors are too many in one house? Is there a limit?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drowning in Muslin

I really hope many of you found my duvet cover tutorial useful! I have gotten a lot of great feedback on it, so thank you!  I had said in the post that if it seems too overwhelming or you just don't feel like taking the time to make it that you can order it from my etsy shop.  Oh my goodness have I had an overwhelming response to listing it!  I never ever thought people would love something that little old me made so much!  It's VERY sweet and I don't feel worthy of the recognition that the duvet cover is getting.  I honestly never thought that I would be making more than one at a time...but my thoughts were wrong.  So I am sorry if the blogging has been lacking lately, but I am working my little fingers to the bone (gladly) with etsy orders and trying to keep up.  Again, I am SO grateful for the opportunity that etsy gives to share my talents with people all over the world! 
Thank you again for all of your kind responses and support!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home Tour- Kaydence's Updated Big Girl Room

The previous post of Kaydence's room is a bit outdated as we have done A LOT of changes to it. I think the only thing we have not done is change the wall color, and honestly that is only because I am too lazy to do it! I have to apologize for the pics because 
1.) I have a point and shoot camera 
2.) her lighting in her room is horrible! 

I think I got the best I could though! So here is Kaydence's Room!

I love how her room has turned out.  It seems like such a toddler room now instead of a baby room.  So fun and playful!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Etsy Shop Sale

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been thinking a lot about Christmas shopping...yes I said it, Christmas shopping! I always have the best intentions of starting my shopping early, but never seem to follow through. So, I decided to help you all get a little motivated by having a sale until August 15th. I am offering 20% off all orders placed before August 15th with the coupon code HOLIDAY. And yes, that coupon code is good on EVERYTHING! So happy holiday shopping!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking Back

I don't know why I have been looking back so much lately at Kaydence's pictures, but it is really hitting me how much she has grown into a beautiful little lady.  It's hard for me to remember how small she was and how delicate.
Watching  her grow and having the honor of being able to hear her call me "mommy."

I can't wait to see where the Lord leads her in her life and am blessed to be able to guide her in her journey. I love you baby girl.