Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vintage Side Table

I love little side tables and stands. I love how you can just put them anywhere and they look great! I found this little guy at a yard sale for $5 and had to take it home with me. It was in perfect condition just needed and updated paint job.

After a coat of primer then my go-to spray paint (Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Heirloom White) it now looks like this.
I decided to do a little more distressing than normal on this one to give it a strong rustic feel and am so happy that I did.

I am adding this piece to my craft area to house all of my craft books. I definitely need a place for those :)

have you found any great deals lately that you've re-done? I'd love to hear about them!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Cozy Cup of Tea SALE

So I'm feeling in a bit of a giving mood :)  I decided to run a sale in my etsy shop.  For every burlap table runner that you purchase, you can get the matching burlap pillow case for FREE!!

So, you buy this...
And get this for FREE!! 

Hope to see you all soon at my shop!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway- Simply Harris

Good Morning lovely ladies!  I would like to introduce you all to one of my sponsors and a good friend of mine, Christy Harris.  She is the creative mind behind Simply Harris.
Christy has been a friend of mine for about 15 years!  I am so excited that she has decided to start this journey! She makes ADORABLE interchangeable appliques for headbands or that you can clip in your hair.

So adorable, right? The best part about them is that you can change them out with your favorite most comfy headband!  Well, Christy has been generous enough to offer one lucky A Cozy Cup of Tea reader a $20 shop credit to her etsy store.  You have 3 ways to enter!

1- Follow A Cozy Cup of Tea Blog
2. Follow Simply Harris Blog
3. Visit Simply Harris on etsy and leave a comment with your favorite item
Make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry.  Giveaway ends in one week.  Good luck to everyone!!

Craft Show Nightmares, Part 2

Have you ever done a craft show that you thought was going to be the greatest show and you may sell out of your items? Been there done that! More than once.  If you haven't read my Craft Show Nightmares, Part 1, you can read it HERE.
Now onto the story. This particular craft show was a little over an hour away from my house so that tells you I thought it would be great! I told my husband, daughter, mother in law and sister in law to come down and visit me at my awesome craft show! Once I got there I realized it was in a cafeteria like this...
and it was for employees only to peruse on their lunch break!  Sorry I don't have a picture of my table, but I was a little discouraged at the time.  I was sitting there next to a man selling basketball jerseys and a guy selling candy bars.  Why do I not investigate these things before I do them?  Anyway, my family was still coming down so that made me happy.  At least I could chat with them while I was sitting there not selling a thing, right? No.  They were asked to leave as soon as they arrived due to being a security risk!  Mind you this company had nothing security-ish about it.  It was a utility company.  So my family, including my 1 year old daughter at the time were asked to leave.  At that time, I wanted to pack up and get out of there...but no, I had to stay until the end because no one was allowed to leave!  So not only was my day ruined but I felt mortified that my family had driven over an hour and got kicked out! I think this one tops the worst craft show ever.  Tell me I'm not alone...anyone?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally Getting My MAC

As I have said before, I am a bookkeeper/tax preparer part time. Because of that, I have to work on a PC because of program conversions...blah, blah, blah. My PC has finally gotten so slow that I can only use it for work and nothing else! This makes me happy because now I can finally get my MAC!! Whoo Hoo!! I will be picking this baby up this morning and am SO excited!

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Blog Design

I love my new blog design! It is so vintage and ME! I am lucky enough to know the beautiful woman who did this fabulous job! We actually went to high school together! :) Eisy Morgan offers great blog design for an amazing price! Interested in seeing more? Visit her HERE! Thank you so much Eisy Morgan!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Tour- Family Room/Craft Area

My craft area is done! I am so happy with how it turned out. I was a little nervous moving a craft room to the living room but i think it was a good move. Since this is in my family room we'll do a whole room tour.

This is my craft desk and cabinet. It's unbelieveable how much I was able to organize into these drawers.
Galvanized buckets are used to hold scissors, pens, etc...
We have had this vintage Victrola cabinet since we first got married 8 years ago and now it houses all of my scrapbook supplies and paper.

I love this print from The Wheat Field. It reminds me daily to smile. :)
Some fun little creations.
The pianos :)
And the full room shot would not be complete without the dog :) This is Rascal.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Craft Area Inspiration

I had a craft room. The operative word here being HAD. :) We are trying to plan on expanding our family from 3 to 4 possibly next year. I decided to get a jump start on moving my craft room to a craft area in the living room. Our dining room table used to be in the living room which I said in another post mae no sense whatsoever, so I moved it into the kitchen area. Anyway, since I did that, my living room has no felt empty and not used which felt like a waste of space that could easily be utilized. I decided to make that room my craft area. In doing that though, I need to be REALLY organized so that it doesn't look like a disaster area right when you walk through the front door. I'm still working on it but here are a few adorable craft room from which I am trying to pull inspiration from.

This one is so neat and clean an fresh feeling! I love the simplicity of it.

But I do love this one's bold colors! Might need to just admire this one from afar :)

This one is definitely pretty enough to go into a living room setting...

And I save my favorite for last! The vintage feel and the amazing furniture pieces...This is going to be hard!!

I will hopefully have the transition done by the beginning of the week so I will post pics then...until then, be inspired!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Giveaway Coming April 28th!!

I am so honored to be a part of such a great giveaway that starts on April 28th hosted by Laura Winslow Photography! There is over $5000 worth of awesome goodies with over 120 shops all going to 1 winner!! Take a sneak peek here. There will be many chances to win so make sure you head over there on the 28th to enter! I will remind you all when the time comes :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabulous Giveaway at Burlap and Blue!

I love giveaways!! What's not to love right? ;)I wanted to share this wonderful giveaway with you :) One of my fellow blogger friends is giving away a $25 sponsor shop credit of your choice! Follow the link below to enter and see how you can win! You can have up to 10 entries! Good Luck!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Easter Means to Me

Easter is one week from today. At church today I was reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. He knew what He was going to endure for mankind and yet He still went to the cross and endured it anyway. I am so blessed to know Jesus and am so grateful for what He did.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Library Card Catalog Inspired Cabinet

Welcome to all of my new followers from Burlap and Blue! I'm so excited to have you :) A couple of weeks ago I said that I was busy on a new poject. I came across this idea on one of my favorite blogs Life in the Fun Lane. This was such a great idea that I had to make one for my kitchen. For those of you that have "toured" my kitchen, you see there isn't a lot of storage space...this is definitely what it needed!

I picked up this basic dresser at our local Salvation Army.

Pretty basic, but I loved the legs on it and it has good lines! I decided to paint it the same color as our kitchen being that the wall it is directly on is adjacent to the kitchen...thought that would tie it all in :) The top 2 drawers has indents down the center which Ifilled in with wood filler and added some filing cabinet style handles and frames. This was the first time I've ever taken on such a carpentry like project soI am so glad it worked!
I printed up little labels on the computer with typewriter like font.

I am really happy with how it turned out and am thrilled you can't see the wood filler lines :)

Have you been working on anything fun lately?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New to My Shop

I am a little...ok a lot... obsessed with the Fleur De Lis. If you come into my home you will see at least three in every room! I decided to make a simple throw pillow with a black Fleur De Lis on it for my chair. This pillow was made with a painters drop cloth that I had on hand and I used my Silhouette SD to create the heat transfer. I love how something so simple can make such a statement. I decided to make an extra to list in my etsy store. I've decided to give all of my US readers free shipping until Easter! :) All items are sent priority mail so if you order by Tuesday, April 19th you should receive it by then. Upon checkout enter the code easter to receive your free shipping. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Silhouette SD

Happy monday everyone!Everyone in my household is a little under the weather at the moment(...even my dog is sneezing like crazy)but I thought I'd share with you my favorite purchase in a very long time! I purchased the Silhouette SD a couple of months ago and am still finding fun new projects to do with it. This is definitely something to invest in if you are even the tiniest bit interested! They retail for $299 but are always available on ebay! If I happen to find a giveaway for one I will post it!

The first thing I made was jar labels for my pantry. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I'm kind of an organizing freak so these are perfect for me :)

Then I got on kick of putting vinyl graphics on that is my new obsession!

I even numbered my dresser drawers with this little wonder!
I recently ordered some black flocke heat transfer material and fabric interfacing. I haven't gotten to use the fabric interfacing yet but I made this with the heat transfer.which is available in my etsy store here. :)

I can't wait to try the fabric interfacing as I am seeing some ADORABLE things made with fabric!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! xoxo!

UPDATED: One of my readers, Amanda has let me know that there is a giveaway going on at I {heart} Naptime! Toenter, click on the button below! Good Luck!!