Saturday, April 9, 2011

My New, New Numbered Bedroom Dresser

So this dresser may be my last painting project for a little bit because I decided to prime this baby with spray paint...with no mask! Mind you,I am an athsmatic who has also neumonia so this was probably not the best idea. After a pricey visit to the dr I learned that my lungs had an allergic reaction to the spray paint which is causing me to have bronchitis. fun! i know! So after being reprimanded by everyone around me I think I should probably not do that until I get a good mask, no more spray paint.

Anyway, after all that said, I am SO IN LOVE with the way this dresser turned out. I painted it before seen here but have never been 100% happy with it. I decided to do a complete 180 and paint it a shade of white. The color is by Martha Stewart and it is called Elderberry. I will be painting my bedroom wall this color as soon as I am feeling better.
Isn't she lovely?! I couldn't be more thrilled!I used my Silhouette SD to make the cute little vinyl labels for the drawers! That is a whole other post about how wonderful that little machine is! That'll come soon enough :)
Have a fabulous day all!!

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