Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Tour- Family Room/Craft Area

My craft area is done! I am so happy with how it turned out. I was a little nervous moving a craft room to the living room but i think it was a good move. Since this is in my family room we'll do a whole room tour.

This is my craft desk and cabinet. It's unbelieveable how much I was able to organize into these drawers.
Galvanized buckets are used to hold scissors, pens, etc...
We have had this vintage Victrola cabinet since we first got married 8 years ago and now it houses all of my scrapbook supplies and paper.

I love this print from The Wheat Field. It reminds me daily to smile. :)
Some fun little creations.
The pianos :)
And the full room shot would not be complete without the dog :) This is Rascal.


  1. hi kristina, it turned out lovely! i love the desk and craft cabinet. and what a good use for the old victrola cab! great move!

  2. What a gorgeous room,youve done a fantastic job,I love the colours so muted and classy!! x

  3. I love your room! We just recently moved into a larger home and my daughter and I share a play/craft room, and we let the boys come in to use the Xbox and the computers. :) But, it's so nice to have a place where we can all hang out, messy or not, with lots of room for what we all love!