Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craft Show Nightmares, Part 2

Have you ever done a craft show that you thought was going to be the greatest show and you may sell out of your items? Been there done that! More than once.  If you haven't read my Craft Show Nightmares, Part 1, you can read it HERE.
Now onto the story. This particular craft show was a little over an hour away from my house so that tells you I thought it would be great! I told my husband, daughter, mother in law and sister in law to come down and visit me at my awesome craft show! Once I got there I realized it was in a cafeteria like this...
and it was for employees only to peruse on their lunch break!  Sorry I don't have a picture of my table, but I was a little discouraged at the time.  I was sitting there next to a man selling basketball jerseys and a guy selling candy bars.  Why do I not investigate these things before I do them?  Anyway, my family was still coming down so that made me happy.  At least I could chat with them while I was sitting there not selling a thing, right? No.  They were asked to leave as soon as they arrived due to being a security risk!  Mind you this company had nothing security-ish about it.  It was a utility company.  So my family, including my 1 year old daughter at the time were asked to leave.  At that time, I wanted to pack up and get out of there...but no, I had to stay until the end because no one was allowed to leave!  So not only was my day ruined but I felt mortified that my family had driven over an hour and got kicked out! I think this one tops the worst craft show ever.  Tell me I'm not alone...anyone?


  1. Feel for you.I told you last time you are not alone and really you are not.There have to be good ones out there.There have to be.We've got to kiss A LOT of frogs...

  2. I soooo know how you feel. We all have kissed a few frogs for sure. You can now check this one off the list. Maybe start a blog on what to ask to make sure these things don't happen to other as well. And next time....leave anyway. What would they have done, call the police??? love you,

  3. Kristina that is so sad!!! I totally remember that day. I think me, greg, mom, and kaydence went to Kenny Rogers for lunch for awhile and waited for you. Haha. I forgot we got kicked out!!!
    Well, at least you're a success online :)

  4. Unfortunately, you're not alone. Last fall my friend and I were invited by a very elite group to set up inside a hospital lobby. We were sure our poop didn't stink, lol. I'm not going to be a snob and describe it all but next to us was a sweet elderly lady who made felt animal magnets, okay?
    Oh well, we thought, the more sales for us, right? I mean not only did we get the hospital foot traffic but the group set up the show on nurse's payday weekend AND they arranged for everything to be payroll deductible. CHA-CHING!

    NOT! Along with their pay stubs 40 of them got their walking papers. Alot of crying and no buying. We felt horrible for them!!