Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Carnival Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

My sister-in-law has finally met an amazing man! She definitely had to kiss a few frogs to find him but the wait was well worth it! I have the honor of throwing her bridal shower at the beginning of July. She is having a vintage carnival themed wedding and we will carry that theme throughout the shower as well. Needless to say I've been doing a lot of researching for inspiration to make this the cutest bridal shower ever! :) Here are some great inspirations that I have found!

I'm in love with the cotton candy in the cute! I'll definitely be doing a lot more research and try to make this a fun yet classy vintage carnival shower.


  1. Oh, My that looks like such fun...What girl doesn't love the excitment of a good ol fashioned carnival...Now all you need is the red and white striped circus tent...oh and the elephants of course.. : )
    Too Too Cute...