Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Carnival Brial Shower

I love how you plan and plan and plan just to have a moment fly by so quickly then it's over! It did turn out exactly as I hoped for. My sister-in-law, Sara, is getting married on August 5th and I had the honor of throwing her bridal shower. We decided to do a vintage carnival style theme. Since it was a bridal shower, I still wanted to keep it as classy as possible. Here are some of the wonderful shots that Sara was able to get before it started. Enjoy!

A nice little welcome wreath on the front door let people know they were in the right place.
We had caramel corn and cotton candy on the entry way table as favors. 
 Okay, I know this cake is a little amateur, but it is my first tiered cake! :)  I did however think the bunting made it perfect.  I will be adding these buntings to my etsy shop soon!

 The snack display was by far my favorite!  I loved the cotton candy in the martini glasses. It felt so elegant yet so carnival...perfect!  The vintage popcorn and peanut bags were also an etsy find found HERE.

 Here are my fabric jar labels that served the mustard, ketchup and brown mustard. You can find them HERE.

I found these vintage carnival tags on etsy HERE.  They added such a nice touch to the water glasses.
I made red and white pennants to hang throughout the house and a banner with her name to add some personalization.

The ADORABLE ribbons and little top hat were made by our cousin Kalie! So cute!!

I think all in all the bride looks like a happy girl! 

EDIT: Check out my daughters Carnival themed First Birthday Party here!


  1. Oh, You did a LOVELY job...Everything looks so wonderfully put together...I love the tags around the water glasses...I think your cake came out beautiful...Me I would of just took the easy way out and ordered one... : ) So much more special that it was made with LOVE...

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing these lovely photos..

  2. What a unique shower!! Love the little martini glasses of cotton candy!! ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing! Stopped by from Chic on a Shoestring Decorating!

  3. very cute! you arranged everything so nicely and your cake looks wonderful! i'm sure it was a truly special time and the bride-to-be must have felt so cherished!

  4. It all looks so wonderful. Even the cake looks great. Love the idea of cotton candy in the martini glasses.

  5. Hi Kristina, Everything looks so pretty! The cotton candy in the martini glasses is adorable and the cake and bunting turned out wonderful. Thanks for joining my party!

  6. Visiting from Tip Junkie. This is to cute. The cotton candy in the martini glasses is great. I think the cake is fine, the bunting is perfect in it.

  7. Where did you find the wooden boxes w/the chalk boards?

  8. I found the wooden chalkboard crates at Marshalls. They seem to have them about every January and I just saw some there recently! :)