Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Day

I've never really been a beach girl. I'm not sure why. I have lived 1 hour from the beach my whole life and have probably only been a handful of times. With that said, this has all changed since having my baby girl. My husband, Kaydence and myself went to Balboa last week with my parents and all I can say is that she LOVES the beach! She loves building sand castles, getting buried in the sand, the sound of the water and even the seaweed. Yep I said it seaweed. She brought me a huge strand of it and said "look mommy, a pretty flower!" I love that she can see the beauty in not so beautiful things.
 This was on the balcony of Newport Landing having lunch.

She loved running from the waves with her daddy!

We will definitely be making many more trips back to the beach this summer.  I have grown to love it!


  1. That sounds so very refreshing...especially after 100 degree weather today....Oh and did I mention a broken air conditioner...Well not really broken...Just needs a new filter...But that is broken enough for me.. : )

  2. I love that you're a mom who brings her babies to the beach! I want to be the same way! Looks like you had fun. What a beautiful child!