Friday, April 22, 2011

Craft Area Inspiration

I had a craft room. The operative word here being HAD. :) We are trying to plan on expanding our family from 3 to 4 possibly next year. I decided to get a jump start on moving my craft room to a craft area in the living room. Our dining room table used to be in the living room which I said in another post mae no sense whatsoever, so I moved it into the kitchen area. Anyway, since I did that, my living room has no felt empty and not used which felt like a waste of space that could easily be utilized. I decided to make that room my craft area. In doing that though, I need to be REALLY organized so that it doesn't look like a disaster area right when you walk through the front door. I'm still working on it but here are a few adorable craft room from which I am trying to pull inspiration from.

This one is so neat and clean an fresh feeling! I love the simplicity of it.

But I do love this one's bold colors! Might need to just admire this one from afar :)

This one is definitely pretty enough to go into a living room setting...

And I save my favorite for last! The vintage feel and the amazing furniture pieces...This is going to be hard!!

I will hopefully have the transition done by the beginning of the week so I will post pics then...until then, be inspired!


  1. looks like fun! i don't have a craft room or area! so have fun w/ designing your new space! i have to spread out my craft/art stuff on the kitchen table whenever i need to work and then clean it up...or more likely, we just eat in the living room til i'm done w/ the project!!!

  2. I don't have a craft room either, but that first picture is the picture that I have saved for if I do get one. You're a talented women so I know you design something amazingly beautiful and fully functional. Good luck!