Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mirror Obsession

I have a love for big, oversized, ornate mirrors.  I really don't think that you could have enough of them in your home.  I love how you can cluster them together to make a statement on a large wall, or just hang one by itself to stand it's ground.  While perusing Pinterest, I realize that I see A LOT of amazing mirror pins that I thought I would share. 

This mirror here is amazing and I promise if I ever find one just like it, I will own it...just sayin'!

The clustering of these is perfect! I love the different sizes and shapes.

 These are adorable! I love the frameless look as well!

I really would love this one for Kaydence's room.  So cheery and bright. Amazing detailing too!

So, how many mirrors are too many in one house? Is there a limit?


  1. i love these mirrors! i dont think there can be too many in one house as long as they are classically put together :)

  2. I Love mirrors. Our house is up against a pine "fence", against a forest, and it is dark..mirrors light it up..nice mirrors...

  3. I love a nice collage of mirrors! What a statement they make!


  4. Ive recently started collecting some mirrors to redo for our home. Looove all these! Have started following your blog this week and am really enjoying it!