Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Recent Home Changes

I've been doing some redecorating to my family room lately. I've really been wanting more of a farmhouse feel in my home but for some reason that room was lacking. I got some great topiaries at my good friend's yard sale at a killer price and some more old windows from another good friend! Here are some of the recent changes.

I made this little welcome banner from coffee filters and using my slice machine to cut out the scalloped circles.  Once it was all attached, I connected it to a burlap ruffle garland that I had made.  I like the way it looks right by my front door.  The vintage suitcase was $1 at my local Salvation Army.

I found the white hanging wall sconces at Ikea.  They are actually for planting, but no one will know :)
I'm loving the way it has turned out.  It feels a little more cozy. Always a good thing!

Here is the craft area that is on the other end of the room.  More pics can be seen HERE.

What rooms have you been redecorating lately?


  1. The banner is really sweet...you did a wonderful job. I love the arrangement you have on your piano, too! :-)


  2. I LOVE your decorating style!!