Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Tour- Kaydence's Room

This is probably my favorite room of the house. It is bright, funky and colorful which all describe my daughter as well.

I am going to attempt to move her out of her crib into a big girl bed that her Papa is helping me make...wish us luck :)
This arrangement is directly above her crib :)

I really do think decorating her room is the most fun for me! What room in your house is your favorite to redecorate?


  1. What a great room for a little girl!

  2. OMG! LOVE this room, Kristina! How beautiful. I will be sure Emily checks out these photos for inspiration. I think the plan for now is to keep the room fairly 'gender neutral' until the baby is born. Once we are sure this baby is indeed a girl, it's going to be "GAME ON!" with the decorating, haha! So pretty :)

  3. i love this cute, funky, and sweet little girl's room! did u make the rug she is standing on or was it purchased? if you made it, i'd love to know how!

  4. thank you!!! no i did not make the rug :) i wish!! i got it from urban outfitters online :)

  5. it's funny how actually "outdated" this room is now! I'll have to do a revised post :)